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Conservation Heroes


Episode 8: Mangroves
Guest: Dominic Wodehouse, from Mangrove Action Project


Welcome to Conservation Heroes, the heroes of this show are the dolphins, bats, otters, mangroves, newts and many others who are protecting our environment right now. This show will look at different laws, guidelines, or policies and will also offer you some top tips to help you protect our planet and even become a conservation hero yourself. Each episode will contain interviews from scientists, academics, lawyers, environmental activists and more.


The guest for this episode is Dominic Wodehouse, from Mangrove Action Project, in joining us from Manila to talk to us all about Mangroves.


Mangroves are really interesting habitats because as well as providing forest areas for birds and other wildlife, like jaguars, their roots also create underwater worlds for fish, shark and other creatures to live in. Costal based ecosystems like mangroves and salt marshes, also known as blue carbon eco systems, can also store up to 5 times more carbon than terrestrial forests so they’re really important for the health of our forest.



Show Notes


Some examples of the work undertaken by the Mangrove Action Project in Tanzania, Myanmar, Suriname, and Senegal



Recorded at Morley Radio on September 22, 2020