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Conservation Heroes


Episode 7: Land
Guest: Nick Hayes


Welcome to Conservation Heroes, the heroes of this show are the dolphins, bats, otters, mangroves, newts and many others who are protecting our environment right now. This show will look at different laws, guidelines, or policies and will also offer you some top tips to help you protect our planet and even become a conservation hero yourself. Each episode will contain interviews from scientists, academics, lawyers, environmental activists and more.


The guest for this episode is Nick Hayes. Nick has a new book coming out and it is all about land, trespassing and rights of way, called the Book of Trespass.



Show Notes


Things you can do:


Sign the Right to Roam Petition


Human rights watch – Land Rights


Research your local area – this episode is very uk focuses but the history of UK land systems have been replicated elsewhere so it’s useful to learn about them and then research what is happening near you and get involved


Buy  The Book of Trespass and Who owns England by Guy Shrubsole – the co-author of The Book of Tresspass

There are new planning reforms being introduced by the UK government that will create different zones for building and planning so do get in touch with your local MP to find out more



Recorded in remotely on August 14th, 2020