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Conservation Heroes


Episode 4: Trees
Guest: Cara Tejpal, from Sanctuary Asia


Welcome to Conservation Heroes, the heroes of this show are the dolphins, bats, otters, mangroves, newts and many others who are protecting our environment right now. This show will look at different laws, guidelines, or policies and will also offer you some top tips to help you protect our planet and even become a conservation hero yourself. Each episode will contain interviews from scientists, academics, lawyers, environmental activists and more.


During this episode we will be looking at trees, how they support biodiversity and life on earth and how we can use legal frameworks to protect them. We’ll be talking to the inspiring Cara Tejpal, from Sanctuary Asia, in India, to hear about her journey into conservation and learn some of the special projects that she’s been working on. After we talk to Cara, we’ll talk about coming out of lock down and green recovery and then we’ll round up the show with some tips on how you can learn more about trees and tree conservation.



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