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Classical Music Connections

Harmony Of The Heavens

Episode 8

Harmony Of The Heavens


Welcome to Classical Music Connections, a series in which Morley tutors, students and guests talk about the full range of Classical Music, from familiar works to  the very latest contemporary music.


In a concert broadcast live on March 14, 2024 the Morley Chamber Orchestra together with the Morley Chamber Choir and the Meridian Choir joined forces to bring to life Holst’s timeless compositions.


Part of our celebrations of the 150th anniversary of former Morley College Director of Music Gustav Holst.


Conducted by Charles Peebles.




Short Festival Te Deum

Two songs without words op. 22

A song of the night op. 19 no.1

Beni Mora Op. 29 no. 1

Ode to Death Op. 38

A Festival Chime


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