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Mat Collishaw

Art Cast
Series 4 Episode 6: Mat Collishaw


Art Cast is a podcast series of informal discussions with professional artists and designers, presented by Matt Gee, Programme Area Manager of Fine Art, joined by students from Morley College London – Chelsea Centre.


In today’s episode, we explore the work of Mat Collishaw and are joined by our HNC Fine Art student Lucas Bartholomew-Good. Mat is an English artist based in London. His art primarily involves photography and video, with notable works such as “Bullet Hole,” which gained acclaim during its display at the Freeze exhibition in 1988. As one of Collishaw’s most recognized pieces, “Bullet Hole” (1988), featured a striking close-up photograph appearing to resemble a bullet wound on a person’s scalp, intriguingly presented on 15 light boxes bringing a beauty and almost stained glass window aesthetic.


Collishaw’s artistic repertoire spans a mesmerizing array of optical illusions, paintings, dynamic projections, and kinetic sculptures. Each creation serves as more than just a visual spectacle; they act as portals to introspection, prompting contemplation on fundamental aspects of psychology, history, and science. Beneath the surface allure and vibrant aesthetics of Collishaw’s pieces lies a profound exploration.