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Juno Calypso

Art Cast
Series 4 Episode 5: Juno Calypso


Art Cast is a podcast series of informal discussions with professional artists and designers, presented by Matt Gee, Programme Area Manager of Fine Art, joined by students from Morley College London – Chelsea Centre. For this episode, Matt is joined by Juno Calypso.


Juno Calypso is a British photographer known for her distinctive self-portraits, her work is a powerful exploration of feminism, isolation, loneliness, and self-sufficiency. In addition to her personal work, Calypso also makes her mark as a commercial photographer. In 2016, she was a joint winner of the British Journal of Photography International Photography Award. Two years later, she received the prestigious Vic Odden Award from the Royal Photographic Society. Working solo, Calypso has crafted highly stylized photographs of herself while adopting the persona of “Joyce,” a fictional alter-ego. These self-portraits take place in surreal storytelling settings. Her self-portraits as “Joyce” are the cornerstone of her work, portraying a “bored, frustrated, lonely housewife of her imagination.” These images transport us to unfamiliar and over-the-top landscapes, providing a commentary on the restrictive aspects of femininity and societal expectations.


Calypso’s work explores the rituals of seduction and the pursuit of a “perfect vision of oneself.” One of her noteworthy series, “The Honeymoon,” features her alone in American couples-only honeymoon resorts. This collection exudes a sense of claustrophobia, blending frustration with loneliness, as noted by critics. Calypso has aptly commented on her own work, highlighting her intention to critique the construction of femininity. She once said, “I used to take pictures of Joyce as a way of making a critique on the laboured construction of femininity, but now I’m starting to see that the problem isn’t the make-up and bizarre body improvement devices, but the way society treats women who invest so deeply in their appearance.” You can check out her work at the Welcome Collection in the Cult of beauty exhibition on to 28th April, 2024.