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Laure Prouvost

Art Cast
Series 3 Episode 6: Laure Prouvost


Art Cast is a podcast series of informal discussions with professional artists and designers, presented by Matt Gee, Programme Area Manager of Fine Art, joined by students from Morley College London – Chelsea Centre.


For this episode Matt is joined by Turner Prize Winner Laure Prouvost and students Liz Thomas and Steve Harrison from Morley College London’s Chelsea Centre HNC in Fine Art.


In 2013 Laure won the Turner Prize with an installation titled Wantee and in 2019 she represented France at the Venice Bienalle with a piece called The Deep Blue Sea Surrounding you. The exhibition was based on the decentralised nervous system of an octopus. Various sculptures, sounds, dances, performances and lighting are connected throughout the pavilion in a tentacle-like fashion. A diverse group of performers from all over the world, such as a magician, singer, rapper and karate practitioner, are part of a film that follows a road trip from Grigny (a suburb of Paris) to Venice. The film is described by Prouvost as “the head of the octopus” as the performers take the audience through the canals of Venice.


She has previously exhibited at the Tate Modern and the Institute for Contemporary Arts. In 2011 in collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery she was awarded the MaxMara Art Prize for Women.