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Hannah Uzor

Art Cast
Series 2 Episode 6: Hannah Uzor


Art Cast is a podcast presented by Matt Gee, artist… and Subject Leader for Fine Art at the Chelsea Centre, Morley College. This podcast is a series of informal discussions with artists, designers and musicians about their work, lifestyle and how they have adapted during the current crisis we live in.


For this episode I’m delighted to welcome Morley Chelsea alumni Hannah Uzor, who completed her studies with us last year. Because of last season beginning in the January lockdown, and then in the months that followed there still being some form of restrictions, I was unable to invite students to the sessions because of social distancing restrictions. However, For Season two I’ve been inviting students along to the episodes to join the discussion. For this episode I’m delighted to welcome, Christine Udoh and Che Dorant.


Hannah is currently studying her MA at the Slade in London after winning the Milein Cosman scholarship for drawing. This year, 2021 Hannah completed two years with us at Morley Chelsea on the HND Fine Art and was awarded the Chelsea Curriculum award for higher education at our annual student awards. Hannah was born in Zambia but spent a few years in the UK while her father was studying in the UK and then moved back to Zambia to complete her Primary and Secondary education. After secondary school she joined Zambia National Arts Council and was one of the youngest members taking part in national and international exhibitions. in 2003 she returned to the UK to complete studies in computing. In 2016 Hannah decided to focus on her art. Obtaining an art qualification was now Hannah’s priority, but costs and time constraints of studying at University, meant she wanted to seek a more flexible and cost effective option. Which is where studying at the Chelsea Centre with Morley college came in.


In 2020 her painting of Sarah Forbes Bonetta was acquired by English Heritage and displayed at Osborne house in October for Black History Month.

‘Painting our Past” which was covered widely in the media including the Times, the Guardian, the Economist, BBC History and British Archaeology.


Just a reminder, you can listen back to Season 1 which includes the previous 7 episodes on the Morley Radio website, which included artist support pledge founder Matthew Burrows, Goldie, and Morley Chelsea alumni Susan Collis. The first five episodes of Season two are also available with Andy Holden, Russel Shaw Higgs, Mira Calix, Barry Reigate and Helen Kirkum.