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Barry Reigate

Art Cast

Series 2 Episode 4: Barry Reigate


Welcome everyone to Art Cast Season 2!


Just a reminder, you can listen back to Season 1 which includes the previous 7 episodes on the Morley Radio website, which includes artist support pledge founder Matthew Burrows, Goldie, and Morley Chelsea alumni Susan Collis. Episode one and two of Season 2, with Andy Holden, Russel Shaw Higgs and most recently Mira Calix who has just had a new LP with Warp records released.


Art Cast is a podcast presented by Matt Gee, artist… and Subject Leader for Fine Art at the Chelsea Centre, Morley College. The decision to do this podcast was originally Inspired by photographs taken from the Polio outbreak in the 1940s where students were being remotely taught by radio. This podcast is a series of informal discussions with artists about their work, lifestyle and how they have adapted during the current crisis we live in. The aim is to disseminate material for students by limiting screen time and providing a feed of information for when they are taking a break from the screen.


Season 2 is shaping up to be a great one with the guests coming in thick and fast, so please do stay tuned for some exciting revelations. For this episode I’m delighted to welcome Barry Reigate.


Barry Reigate is predominantly a painter, but also makes sculptures. There are various themes explored including desire and horror. He combines Graphic Design techniques with looser and more expressionistic styles, encompassing a range of Modern Art and Cartoon motives mashed up in to one image, which are sometimes presented on three metre canvases..


Reigate has been quoted as saying, “the cartoons are about death, the death of our exhausted visual culture. Cartoons are used because they have already been used, used to death. It plays with notions of freedom, in regards to an ideal of creativity. My work is dealing with structures and systems in regard to play and progress”

Reigate’s work has been shown at the Tate Britain, Saatchi Gallery, Art Gallery of South Australia as well as many more notable institutes around the world.


Saatchi Gallery profile.