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Mira Calix

Art Cast

Series 2 Episode 3: Mira Calix

Student Guest: Ethan Hamilton


Welcome to Art Cast, a podcast presented by Matt Gee, artist… and Subject Leader for Fine Art at Morley College London. The decision to do this podcast was inspired by photographs taken from the Polio outbreak in the 1940s where students were being remotely taught by radio. This podcast will be a series of informal discussions with artists about their work, lifestyle and how they have adapted during the current crisis we live in. The aim is to disseminate mate rial for students by limiting screen time and providing a feed of information for when they are taking a break from the screen.


Mira Calix is a multi award winning artist and composer signed to Warp Records, where she released her latest LP (absent origin) on November 5th, 2021.


Mira is known for producing predominantly electronic music, but over the past two decades has incorporated classical music, recently doing a remix of John Cage. Recently incorporated performance and multidisciplinary art, she says she considers sound a sculptural material.

In 2003 she collaborated with the London Sinfonietta, and Nunu premiered at the Royal Festival Hall and has gone on to create music for film, theatre and other performances for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Manchester International Festival, Sydney Festival, The Royal Northern Sinfonia and more.


The albums she creates are all titled in lower case as a rejection of Capitalism, and we will be discussing her work as an activist and protester, which again like with Russell last week is a hot topic for our Foundation students who are looking at protest at the moment.


You can listen to previous episodes on the Morley Radio website, which includes artist support pledge founder Matthew Burrows, Goldie, and Morley Chelsea alumni Susan Collis.


For more information on Mira Calix, visit her Website and follow her on Instagram for updates on her work