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Art Cast

Episode 5: Fin DAC


Welcome to Art Cast, a new podcast presented by Matt Gee, artist… and Subject Leader for Fine Art at Morley College. The decision to do this podcast was inspired by photographs taken from the Polio outbreak in the 1940s where students were being remotely taught by radio. This podcast will be a series of informal discussions with artists about their work, lifestyle and how they have adapted during the current crisis we live in. The aim is to disseminate material for students by limiting screen time and providing a feed of information for when they are taking a break from the screen.


My fifth guest is street artist Fin DAC.


Through his work Fin DAC explores themes related to female emancipation and empowerment, while revealing their sensuality and sensitivity at the same time. The artist’s artwork aims to tackle racial and sexual stereotypes that surround women while readjusting the male gaze and former colonialist attitudes surrounding the Eastern experience.


Fin DAC has collaborated with brands like Armani, G-Star, Red Bull and has painted for the Royal Albert Hall and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. He has exhibited his work in galleries and museums mainly in Europe but also in the USA, and has painted murals in USA, Canada, Mexico, France, UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Cambodia, Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti.


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