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Anne Ryan

Art Cast

Episode 3: Anne Ryan


Welcome to Art Cast, a new podcast presented by Matt Gee, artist… and Subject Leader for Fine Art at Morley College. The decision to do this podcast was inspired by photographs taken from the Polio outbreak in the 1940s where students were being remotely taught by radio. This podcast will be a series of informal discussions with artists about their work, lifestyle and how they have adapted during the current crisis we live in. The aim is to disseminate material for students by limiting screen time and providing a feed of information for when they are taking a break from the screen.


My third guest is Anne Ryan who will be talking to our Fine art students at Morley. Anne recently had a solo show open last year at Hastings Contemporary.


To quote from Hastings Contemporary, “For Earthly Delites, Ryan created a new installation occupying the entirety of Hasting Contemporary’s main ground floor gallery space. Taking inspiration from Hieronymous Bosch’s Garden Of Earthly Delights, Ryanhas curated a ‘pleasure garden’ of work assembled from throughout her career that will invite visitors to wander around and get lost in her work.”


Ryan is renowned for her ‘cutouts’ – virbant, three-dimensional paintings made from card, collage, canvas, ceramic and metal. Many of her cutouts focus on the physicality of the human form – often depicting groups of figures dancing, posing, swimming, frolicking in the woods, even cutting loose in a mosh pit – and are inspired as much by scenes found in nightclubs and cinema as by classical painting and sculpture.